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Artwork Recordation



    The principle for copyright recordation is voluntary in China. Copyright recordation mainly include computer software copyright registration、foreign works copyright registration、copyright pledge contract registration and domestic artwork registration.

    Copyright registration certificate is important basic for the people's courts to recognize the ownership of copyright and important guarantee for copyright holders to exercise their rights and protect their own legitimate interests.


2、Work types

    The term "works" includes works of literature, art, natural science, social science, engineering technology and the like which are expressed in the following forms:

    (1) written works;

    (2) oral works;

    (3) musical, dramatic, quyi', choreographic and acrobatic works;    

    (4) works of fine art and architecture;

    (5) photographic works;

    (6) cinematographic works and works created by virtue of an analogous method of film production;

    (7) drawings of engineering designs, and product designs; maps, sketches and other graphic works and model works;

    (8) computer software;

    (9) other works as provided for in laws and administrative regulations.



    (1) File application and formality examination: It may take 30 days to complete examination.

    (2) <Voluntary work registration certificate> will be issued.


4、Requied documents

    (1) Application form, with the company seal or the signature;

    (2) Description (including sample books, sample manuscript, manuscript drafts, sketches, photographs, negatives, etc.);

    (3) Documents proving the ownership in the copyright( a complete translation should be attached if the documents are written in foreign language);

    (4) Guarantee of the copyright(should be notarized and authenticated );

    (5) Copy of Business certificate or the identity certificate. The company seal/cachet or the signature which affix on the power of attorney should be the same with the name indicated on the Business certificate or the identity certificate.

    (6) Power of attorney, with the company seal or the signature (No legalization or notarization is required);  

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