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A Great Success of Trademark Strategy Promotion in Xinjiang
    From July 23 to 29, the Trademark Strategy Promotion Delegation from Trademark Office of SAIC went through three promotions respectively in Urumchi, Aksu and Altay of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Government leaders, relevant department directors from above three cities (prefectures), and also from Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the first and the tenth divisions of Agricultural Constructions of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, districts leaders and relevant directors therein, heads of enterprises above designated size and enterprises having Geographical Indications, local AIC cadres altogether over 1800 person participated in the promotions with 24 city level leaders and 152 county level leaders in them. The promotions won wide recognitions and achieved great success.

    Trademark Strategy Promotion designated to enhance trademark awareness around government leaders and enterprises directors is one of important measures to provide intelligence assistance to Xinjiang. The first promotion held in 2011 got a warm welcome and achieved a great impact there. This year, SAIC seriously selected experts and specialists among the country and organized a high profile and high level delegation which formed by knowledgeable experts and experienced government leaders and enterprises directors. Delegates introduced the basic information on national trademark strategy implementation, elaborated trademarks’ values to enterprises, consumers and national and regional developments, stated the significance of implementing trademark strategy to accelerate the change of economic development mode and promote the scientific rapid development in economy and society. The major practices in Jiangsu to implement trademark strategy, and the management experiences with fruits enriching agricultures accumulated from the implementation of Jingshan Tea GI marks in Hangzhou were also promoted. The delegation has also brought in a series of new concepts and ideas with a pointcut of intellectual properties and trademark strategy produced a wonderful lecture to all the participants, which has an instructive and referential significance to the implementation of trademark strategy in Xinjiang.

    Xinjiang Autonomous Regional People’s Government paid great attention to the promotions and required relevant governments to carefully make preparations and organizations. Mr. ZHU Hailun, Standing Committee of the CPC Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Party Secretary of Urumchi City visited the delegations. Mr. Arken Tuniyazi, Vice President of Xinjiang Autonomous Regional People’s Government licensed report on trademark strategy promotions from regional AIC leaders before the promotions, and visited whole delegates, showed thanks again for the delegation’s another promotions and also acknowledged SAIC and its minister Mr. ZHOU Bohua for the sincere friendships and strong supports to Xinjiang. 

    The promotions won wide praises from participants. Mr. Halken, Deputy Commissioner of Altay region considered the promotions bringing in many new ideas and having great significance to trademark works in Altay region. He also indicated that there were abundant resources in Altay they should make full use of them and enhance the GI marks registrations and also implement trademark strategy to increase the efficiency of agriculture and enriching farmers. Mr. ZHENG Xinzhou, Deputy Commissioner of Aksu region, required local AICs to distribute CDs recording experts’ speeches to every enterprise and organized larger scale studies. Ms. WANG Lan, representative from Xinjiang local brand - Lanboer soda water expressed that the promotion awakened her awareness of brand value, and educated a lot for enterprise’s better development and creating brand image. Some other entrepreneurs indicated to emphasize trademark strategy for better registration, management and implementation of trademarks.

    The promotions were interviewed and reported by 16 local mainstream media. News from Urumqi evening news was reproduced by many web portals which enhanced the effect of promotions.

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