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Wuhan AIC star-rated Trademark Agencies

    For deeply carrying out the spirit of Trademark Strategy implementation seminar which was held on April 12 in Ningbo, actively promoting the normative development of trademark agencies, enhancing their disciplines and social responsibilities, steadily forming a mutual beneficial pattern between agencies and their customers, Wuhan AIC launched star-rating systems to trademark agencies recently, which is worth learning.

    1.Clearly identify rating objectives. It took intermediaries which registered at least one year in Wuhan and recorded by Hubei AIC, and engaged in trademark services as the rating objectives. 59 trademark agencies were chosen for the first batch.

    2.Normalize rating procedures. It took a voluntary principle to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis, concentrated recognitions and daily supervisions, examinations and assessments together, published the rating objectives and complaint hotlines, verified qualifications of the applicants, developed actual investigations, organized overall evaluations, noticed initial results and declared star-ratings, in order to safeguard the procedure open, fair and justice.

    3.Implement refined management. It examined trademark agencies from four aspects: service standard, social integrity, professional ability and performance efficiency. It decomposed them into 14 indices, and evaluated in a hundred-mark system. Those above 60 marks could have the star rating qualifications, and be rated from one star to five stars according to the marks. Trademark agencies above three stars might have the priorities to locate in nearly completed Wuhan Municipal Administrative Service Center.

    4.Establish long term supervisions. It took an exit mechanism to star rating agencies. Any having bad record should be rectified within a prescribed time limit. If the circumstance was serious, it would be degraded or abrogated rating and punished administratively by law. It took a dynamic mechanism by enhancing daily managements and market supervisions, and systematic classifying trademark agencies by using credit monitoring platform. Any having illegal business or dishonest service would be recorded into bad behavior list, warning list, specially warning list or credit blacklist interconnected within AICs at all levels to restrict its behavior.

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